Retirement Accounts & IRA

Plan for a more secure and fruitful retirement with Whitefish Credit Union
Choose from two Individual Retirement Accounts, both featuring distinct tax advantages.

Your brighter tomorrow depends on the action you take today.

While you work hard to provide for your family and contribute to your Montana community, keep an eye on your future. Wherever you wish to be and whatever you hope to do in retirement, Whitefish Credit Union will help you create a savings strategy with your specific goals in mind. We offer two Individual Retirement Accounts, a Traditional IRA and Roth IRA, focused on building wealth over the long term.

Understanding the Traditional IRA

  • Could be the right choice if you expect to retire in a lower tax bracket than you are in today
  • Contributions might be tax-deductible, which lowers your taxable income now
  • Tax-deductibility depends on your tax filing status, whether you have additional retirement plans at work, and your annual household income
  • You'll pay taxes on your contributions and earnings once you start drawing funds from this account, which can begin at age 59 ½ without penalty and must occur at age 72

Consider the Roth IRA

  • Could be the right choice if you want tax advantages during your retirement years
  • Contributions are made with after-tax dollars, which means no upfront tax deductions
  • Your contributions and earnings may be taken out as tax-free distributions once you reach age 59 ½
  • Roth IRA qualification depends on your tax filing status and your annual household income

Let's Build Your Stronger Future Together

Which IRA is right for you? We strongly suggest you consult with your tax adviser to understand all the advantages and tax implications before you choose. Whichever direction you go, know that we will be here to provide the support you need.

Make your money work for you

Earn competitive dividend rates with the comfort of knowing your money is secure.