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When It's Time to Get Out and Play, We'll Help You Save
Flexible terms and competitive rates leave more money for your next adventure.

Unique Lease-Loan Financing

Get the best of both worlds with FlexLoan, a hybrid of traditional auto loan and lease. You own the vehicle—the title is in your name—and have the option to buy it or walk away penalty-free at the end of your term.

Lower Payments and Better Terms

Choosing to finance your vehicle with FlexLoan may save you up to 40% compared to conventional auto financing. Flexible mileage options, short and long-term loan terms and low mileage overage fees make FlexLoan a smart financial choice.

Less Stress with More Savings

FlexLoan lifts the burden of coming up with the money to put down, does not require a first and last payment or security deposit, nor does it come with hidden charges or surprise fees at the end of your term.

Calculate Your Savings Now!

It only takes a moment to see how much you could save! 

Break the Negative Equity Cycle

FlexLoan allows you to get right-side-up on your vehicle, eliminating the risk of negative equity. Customers can end their FlexLoan term in a positive equity position.

Your “New” Car Can Be Preowned

FlexLoan is available for vehicles that have been around the block. Vehicles up to five years old are eligible for financing, whether you purchase from a dealer or private seller.  

Additional Benefits Include:

  • No early payoff penalty
  • Local return option
  • Private auto insurance flexibility
  • Realistic residual value

Eligible Vehicles: New and used vehicles
Financing Terms: Flexible terms tailored to your needs
End of Term Options: Sell, trade-in, keep, or return your vehicle

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With Whitefish Credit Union, Savings Come Standard

Our quick application process and local decisions save you time. Our rates as a not-for-profit credit union save you money. Enjoy more of both on your next trip.

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