Business Line of Credit

Get fast access to capital to cover any type of business expense.
On-demand financing you can tap into over and over again.

Short-term funding can help you over the long haul.

Business owners in northwest Montana often require quick access to financing to buy supplies and inventory, to make repairs, or to meet payroll during slow periods. However, there's no need for a separate loan each time. With a Whitefish Credit Union Business Line of Credit, one simple application can provide you access to money you need for any purpose, anytime.*

Business Line of Credit Features:

  • Borrow amounts above $100,000 to meet all manner of business needs
  • Competitive interest rates are lower than that of most credit cards
  • Use your loan fund repeatedly over a period of years without seeking approval each time
  • Pay interest only on the funds you use
  • Post personal or real property as collateral

Money At A Moment's Notice

You don't have to visit a Whitefish Credit Union branch when your business needs funds. Access your Business Line of Credit anytime you need it through special checks or your online banking tools.

*Loans subject to credit qualifications.*Loans subject to credit qualifications.

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