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Identity Verification

Why am I being asked this?

Some online banking activities inherently involve a certain amount of risk. For example, the ability to transfer funds out of your account is a useful feature, but it could also allow a fraudster who has stolen your user ID and password to steal money from your account. To help keep your account safe, the system will occasionally need to verify that you are the actual account holder before allowing you to proceed with your transaction.

What are the different ways I can verify my identity?

You can choose from these options:

  • Call my phone: You will receive an automated phone call and a confirmation code.
  • Send me a text message: Your mobile device will receive an SMS text message with a confirmation code.
  • Ask me questions: The system will ask you a few questions based on information about you in public databases.

Why don’t I see all three options?

  • The “Call my phone” and “Send me a text message” options will appear only if the system has your phone numbers on file.
  • The “Ask me questions” option will appear only if there is enough information about you in public databases to present you with questions.

How do I verify my identity using the “Call my phone” option?

Follow these quick steps:

  • Select a phone number from the list, and then click “Call my phone”.
  • In a moment, you will receive an automated phone call. Follow the voice prompts and use your phone’s keypad to enter the confirmation code displayed on the screen.
  • The window will automatically close a few seconds after you enter the correct code.

How do I verify my identity using the “Send me a text message” option?

Follow these quick steps:

  • Select a phone number from the list, and then click “Send me a text message”.
  • In a moment, your mobile device will receive an SMS text message with a confirmation code.
  • Type the code in the “Confirmation Code” field on the screen, and then click Submit.

How do I verify my identity using the “Ask me questions” option?

Follow these quick steps:

  • Click “Ask me questions”.
  • The screen will display a few questions based on information about you in public databases. The questions are designed so that you should know the answers, but a fraudster won’t.
  • Choose the correct answers, and then click Submit.

What should I do if I mistakenly select an old phone number that I no longer have access to?

Click Cancel, and then choose another verification option or phone number.

What should I do if I don’t know the answers to the questions?

Click “I don’t know the answers”, and then choose the “Call my phone” or “Send me a text message” option. If you can’t be reached at any of the listed phone numbers, you must contact Customer Service to continue.

Information & Identity Security

It is important for every Member to understand information and identity security, not just with Whitefish Credit Union but for any businesses with which you interact. Follow the steps below to help protect your information.

The first step in managing your security is to read and understand the policies of the businesses you frequent. The disclosures and policies are different for every business and website, so it is important to read and understand each policy. Understandably, this can be a daunting task, so we recommend that you establish a relationship with businesses that are established and monitored by organizations like the Better Business Bureau. This will minimize your exposure to businesses with undesirable business practices.

The second step is to manage the information businesses are allowed to share with its partners. You can opt-out of communication from many different businesses.

The third step is to check your credit report. While you can visit each of the credit bureau’s websites to request a copy of your credit report for a fee, you are entitled to a free copy annually. The only legitimate place to request your free copy is: We recommend that you only request your credit report from two of the three agencies during the first half of the year. Then, during the second half of the year, go back and request your report from the third agency. This allows you to keep an eye on your credit report throughout the year. Be sure to do this for every member of your household.

The fourth step is to control your pre-approved credit and insurance offers. To opt-out of pre-approved credit offers, visit

The fifth step is to manage telemarketing phone calls. To opt-out of telemarketing phone calls, you can visit We recommend that you regularly check to ensure your phone number is still listed and to register all your phone numbers (home phone, your cell phone, your child's cell phone, etc.). If you ever get a call from a solicitor, return to the Do Not Call Website and select "File a complaint".

The sixth step is to opt-in for electronic statements and billing where available, this will reduce the amount of sensitive information traveling through the mail. If you require the use of paper, use a cross-cut shredder when disposing of these documents. You may opt-in for Whitefish Credit Union eStatements by logging into Online Banking and clicking the eStatements button.

The final step is to continue your privacy and security awareness education. The steps above will help get you started, but there many additional resources available.