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Members like Three Dog Ranch

A former military veteran and his wife have created a canine heaven for grooming, day (or play) care, and boarding, and they’re changing everything we know about investing in your employees.

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Members like Backslope Brewing

Just outside of Glacier National Park is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a pint, a delicious bite to eat, and some of the quirkiest pop-culture references you’ll ever find for a beer.

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Members like Abbie Stehn

This tiny outdoorswoman packs a big punch—or rather, a big mule. Giddyup as we follow an irrepressibly sunny mule packer as she preps for another wilderness trek with five mules along for the ride.

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Members like the Wich Haus

What happens when two classically-trained culinary chefs buy a local sandwich shop? Magic.

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Members like the Trego Pub and General Store

Some folks come to Trego for hunting and sport. But for the community who lives there, one destination has become a place to eat, drink, be merry…

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Members like the Ninepipes Museum

He’s determined to keep Montana’s history in Montana, and he’s opened a museum to make it happen. Discover how Bud Cheff Jr. and the Ninepipes Museum are keeping Flathead’s early history alive.

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Members like the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation

Explore just how we’re helping preserve the Bob for everyone…and how the best therapy in the world might be in our own backyard.

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Members like the Whitefish Skatepark Association

Once considered an activity for “troublemakers,” skateboarding is now making a comeback by leading a whole new generation to stay active, build confidence, and learn some sweet tricks in the process.

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Members Like David

David took his darkest hours to create unbelievably beautiful art—and light the way for his fellow veterans.

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Members Like Sherry

Nobody knows more about Montana’s roots than local historian—and Sanders County’s “Plant Lady”.

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Members Like Roberta

Retired taxi driver Roberta Wilkinson hasn’t given up driving. See how good company, a truck, and a down-home friendly spirit keeps this community moving.

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Members Like Jordan & Jessica

This hard-working couple took a fresh, new approach to bring isolated Montanans safely together for some silver screen entertainment—one pop-up drive-in movie at a time.

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Members Like Patrick

Patrick Muri will never know the life he might have had. But when a terrible car accident took his friend’s life and left him injured, Patrick was determined to find the light…and follow it.

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Members Like the Tutvedt's

Suzanne Tutvedt loves her life on their generations-old Kalispell farm. And at the center of that life are her four children and their dreams.

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Members Like Laurie

Having been raised in a family who owned an amusement park, Laurie grew up knowing that jobs can be a lot of work—and a lot fun. Now she owns an enormous barn. Meet Laurie and the Holt Stage Hideaway.

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Members like Karla & Todd Kiser

Despite their differences, Karla and Todd Kiser have built their lives around their passions. But when Todd, who is a farrier, is severely injured, the couple faces their greatest challenge..

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