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Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions
What is Online Banking?
Online Banking gives our members secure and convenient access to their accounts using their personal computer, smartphone, or tablet, anytime of day – 24/7. Members can also access their accounts on the go by downloading the Whitefish Credit Union app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
Is the website secure?
Yes. Whitefish Credit Union uses industry best-practices and security standards, such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Device Registration and Customizable Alerts. When members enter the area where they are accessing their account they are in a secure area, indicated by the locked padlock on their monitor. The technology used to secure the area is industry standard and in simple terms “jumbles” the data as it travels from our system to the PC they are using so that if it is intercepted it is not readable/usable data.
What types of transactions can members perform with Online Banking?
Members can transfer funds within their account or to another member within Whitefish Credit Union.
Can members make a transfer from their savings account at Whitefish Credit Union to a checking account at another Credit Union/Bank using Online Checking?
Yes. Members can easily and securely send money to another person through Online Checking without using cash or checks.
Can members pay bills online?
Yes. The iPay service through Online Checking lets members schedule or edit bill payments and send gift checks or person-to-person payments.
How much transaction history will members be able to view at one time?
The system is set to default to show the last 15 days transaction on the screen. Members can change this setting within Online Banking by going to Profile Setting and clicking on Account. From there they can change the default settings for transaction history. They can also search for transactions further back than what is displayed. For full statements they will need to contact Whitefish Credit Union to request a copy.
Are there any Online Checking Account or Online Banking functions that I need to access from a personal computer?
While almost everything can be done from your smartphone or tablet, a few features require the use of a personal computer, such as:
  • Download for Quicken®
  • Adding iPay payees
  • Change of address
  • Forgot password
  • Reset password
  • Registering
Can members export their online transaction history to their personal finance software?
Transactions can be downloaded in the following formats:
  • Microsoft Money (OFX)
  • Intuit Quickbooks (IIF)
  • Personal Finance (QIF)
  • Spreadsheet (CSV)
  • Word Processing (TXT)
  • Quicken (QBW)
If a member has forgotten their User ID, how do they find out what it is?
They will need to call Whitefish Credit Union for assistance. The User ID is found by entering the members account, clicking on account manager, and clicking on the preference record. The User name in on the right side of the page under Home Banking Information.
What happens if members get locked out of their Online Banking account?
Members only get three attempts to log into their account. If they are unsuccessful on all three attempts, they will get a message indicating they have been locked out and will need to call Whitefish Credit Union for assistance.