We're Celebrating 5 Local Heroes

Who's Your Unsung Hero?
Our community is filled with amazing people who go out of their way to make life better.

Celebrate Selfless Leaders and Helping Hands

Our frontline workers are there for us when it really matters. Each day, thousands of workers perform their duties serving our community, keeping businesses running and our experiences positive.

They've been there for us when it's mattered most - now it’s time to recognize these Unsung Heroes!

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Summer & Ryan Ehmann

Summer and Ryan are sharing compassion with thousands of strangers around the world following their young son's death. Since his passing, his family has carried on his legacy by volunteering with the Kalispell Rodeo Club and continuing the work they do with the Cranio-Care-Bear organization.


Jenny Griswold

Jenny has found her passion by working with the special olympics and helping kids succeed as athletes. She has been dedicated to the Special Olympics for 27 years, saying, "They put everything they got into it. And it just grew over the years into a passion."

Mike Yardley

Mike is a lifelong mechanic -- a proud family man and the definition of an unsung hero. He's the type of person who will stop off on the side of the road and help you fix your vehicle if you're having car trouble. He loves fixing up old vehicles and giving them a new lease on life.

Kim Holloway

Kim is making it easier for girls to create a healthy lifestyle through Girls on the Run. She says, "It's all about meeting girls where they are and encouraging their journey to a healthy lifestyle, whether it's physical or emotional."

Rodney Depoe

In 2021, Rodney Depoe saved a man's life. After seeing a boat rush in to the fishing access near his home, Rodney soon learned that an off duty firefighter had collapsed, having had a heart attack. He quickly ran to his home and called 911, then grabbed his AED from his work truck. Rushing back to the scene, he used the AED and CPR to save this man's life.

To hear more about Rodney's story, visit whitefishcu.com/unsunghero.

Unsung Heroes Could Be:

  • Administrative/Office Worker: Receptionist, Front Office, Data Entry
  • Childcare: Teacher, Daycare Provider, School Staff
  • Cleaning/Housekeeping/Groundwork: Custodian, Housekeeper, Maintenance
  • Food Service: Server, Dishwasher, Host, Busser, Cook
  • Government: Customer Service, Support Staff
  • Health Care: Nurse, Nurses Aid, Lab Support, Administrative Support
  • Hospitality: Desk Clerk, Housekeeping 
  • Nonprofit: Support Staff, Volunteers 
  • Retail: Cashier, Grocery Clerk, Stocker, Customer Service
  • Skilled Labor: Construction, Manufacturing, Home Services, Agriculture
  • Transportation: Bus, Taxi
  • Nominations are now closed

Have an unsung hero in your life you think deserves to be celebrated?


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