Card Security Update

Enhanced Security for Your Online Shopping
Whitefish Credit Union is excited to announce a new security feature for your debit or credit card.

How It Works

When you make an online purchase that may be risky, a pop-up will request that you verify the transaction with a one-time passcode sent to you via text message. Simply enter this code online to confirm your purchase.

Identifying Risky Transactions

A transaction might be flagged as risky due to various factors, such as the amount, the type of transaction, the website, or if it deviates from your typical shopping behavior. 

Requirement for a One-Time Passcode

Not every online purchase will require verification, but if prompted, entering the one-time passcode you receive via text message is essential for completing your purchase. Transactions will be declined without the correct passcode, ensuring your protection.

Prepare for Enhanced Security

To get ready, please verify your mobile phone number with us by logging into Online Banking, visiting your local branch, or by calling us at (877) 862-3525. This simple step will set you up for this added layer of security.

We recognize that this new feature may add a few extra steps to your online shopping, but we believe the increased protection from potential fraud is crucial to protecting your account.

Need Assistance?

For any questions, we’re here to help! Contact us at (877) 862-3525 or visit any of our branches.